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Do you know how to rig a Mr. Big Wahoo Lure? Reskirting this trolling lures is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Dave Workman Jr. quickly goes through each step in replacing rubber skirts on a C&H Lures Mr. Big trolling. Wahoo, a prize catch, demand so much from anglers’ strategies and preventing expertise. Richard Gibson/ Targeting wahoo is a specialised artwork, starting from live-baiting to high-speed trolling. A slashing fish with a tough mouth, wahoo are troublesome to hook. Making trolling weights for Wahoo fishing. Learn how to rig high speed trolling weights with this quick video. Rigging them yourself saves quite a bit of money and also comes in handy when repairing weights. 21/09/2007 · Rig the Wahoo "Icer" A new setup has people talking on the wahoo grounds. Since those early days, the technique has been refined quite a bit. Start building your high-speed wahoo trolling spread with heavy tackle: You'll need reels capable of holding drag under the considerable strain of heavy lures and weights moving through the water at high speeds.

Wahoo Rigs. Wahoo Rigs are pretty simple. Unfortunately, wahoo seem to be such loners that it is relatively hard to get more than one or two lucky chances in a day's trolling. The best way to increase your daily wahoo numbers is to get ready to fish for them with the right lures and by being sure that you are deploying the right rigs. The target species of fish include sail fish, dolphin, wahoo, king fish and even cobia. Part of this fishing method is how to correctly rig a setup and the other part of the method is actively slow trolling the rig offshore. This is a really good technique that you guys need to try. “Speed is everything. Last year we won the Bahamas Wahoo Championship trolling at up to 18 knots; we got 122 fish in 12 days.” Lures, such as this Ilander, account for lots of action. Ultra-high-speed trolling see accompanying sidebar for rigging tips pretty well excludes the light-tackle fisherman. Trolling the edge, and other currents with heavy bait concentrations, as well as Weedlines and Flotsam While many people say that high speed trolling at 14 knots is the way to find and catch Wahoo, it can be very expensive and loud. I personally prefer trolling for Wahoo at 8-9 knots as it is much more relaxing.

12/07/2017 · Rigging Lures for Wahoo Trolling? Discussion in '. and/or 2 trolling in the Flower Gardens for Wahoo. Accordingly, while possessing a minimum of information, I have outfitted myself as follows:. Wahoo killers & they will rig it on wire for you. The make a bigger one, too. Good luck. TROLLING TIPS ARCHIVE. Faster Trolling Speed = BIGGER WAHOO By Darrell Primrose – Ballyhood Top Gun Lures. Here is what we know about catching BIGGER Wahoo. It is a fact that faster speed equals bigger Wahoo! By bigger I don’t mean you will catch more fish but that the size of.

Wahoo Tackle Kits. Wahoo Tackle Kits. WAHOO TROLLING SPREAD PACKAGE. Wahoo Package with Rods and Reels as shown above We recommend the following turn-key wahoo trolling spread that have proven to be effective for wahoo fishing. We recommend trolling at 6-10 MPH. Trolling can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make it. Remembering the basics, and keeping it simple will lead to success. Trolling covers more fishing area in a shorter time than any other method. It also generally means larger fish, so prepare accordingly! Put. Wahoo are primarily structure-oriented fish that like more aggressive bottom formations, pronounced ledges, wrecks, rips, and color changes. They are an extremely streamlined predator with razor sharp teeth that cut up their prey in a scissor-like fashion. Learning how to catch wahoo offshore can be a blast! 16/05/2019 · Wahoo are very color-specific in their preferences. The usual offshore trolling combinations like blues, pinks, and whites, are not usually the best ‘hoo choices. Instead, these fish gravitate towards red/black and purple/black combinations. Rig large ballyhoo behind rubber skirts in these color patterns, and they’ll attack. As we all know at Hi-Speed, Wahoo have been distracted by the old style trolling weights, and attacked many trolling weights by mistake. After many runs with Alan’s idea, no teeth marks on the trolling weight. Just Wahoo’s nailed with Quick Rig hooks of course. 2nd new idea is the 6 side of our new trolling.

Rig the Wahoo "Icer" Salt Water Sportsman.

Recently, we at Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing showed you how to create trolling strips from mullet. Now, let’s put your strips to work! Let’s rig them so that you can start trolling rigged baits for offshore species such as Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish and Tunas. 03/07/2019 · Targeting wahoo is a specialized art, ranging from live-baiting to high-speed trolling. A slashing fish with a hard mouth, wahoo are difficult to hook. If they’re still on after the strike, it’s a must to keep a tight line, right to the gaff; any slack and their violent head shakes will likely. Top Wahoo Trolling Rig. Wahoo, a prize catch, demand a lot from anglers’ techniques and fighting skills. Richard Gibson/ Targeting wahoo is a specialized art, ranging from live-baiting to high-speed trolling. A slashing fish with a hard mouth, wahoo are difficult to hook.

Two universal truths about wahoo make the pelagic species so popular: raw speed and pack mentality. Those two characteristics also make 'hoos a prime candidate for high-speed trolling. Capable of speeds up to 60 mph, wahoo have little trouble attacking lures trolled at 15 knots. 28/07/2016 · Learn what goes into making a high speed wahoo trolling rig with the In The Spread video. With this video, you will see actual trolling, how to rig lures, what gear and equipment you need, and be privy to in-depth conversations about tactics and techniques to catch more wahoo. How To Rig Live Bonita For Trolling For Wahoo. Hollywood Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters - Lady Pamela. 1 year ago. Please subscribe for more tackle tips We get a lot of questions about our wahoo rigs here in the winter. We have huge success catching. How to Make a Wire Ballyhoo Rig/Wahoo Rig.

Tips for Fishing for Wahoo - Tormenter Tackle.

High-speed wahoo trolling is not release fishing, so you'll want to select razor sharp 11/0 J-hooks. From here you are going to build an in-line double hook stiff rig with 900 lb. multi-strand cable. Because wahoo strike from behind at incredible speed, in-line hooks provide better hooksets.

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